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14 February 2012 @ 01:12 am
episode discussion: 5x15 Crazy, Cupid, Love  

NATE THROWS A VALENTINE'S DAY BASH / ST. VINCENT PERFORMS - It's Valentine's Day on the Upper East Side and Blair can't resist playing cupid for someone she loves. Georgina is intent on stirring up more drama, so she decides to crash Nate's Valentine's Day party. Meanwhile, Serena is shocked by something she witnesses at the party. Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick, Kaylee DeFer, Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle also star. Matt Penn directed the episode written by Austin Winsberg.

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bεiηg a pεrsoη is gεttiηg too complicatεd。: Ashley | yes/nolesoleilluna on February 14th, 2012 06:46 pm (UTC)
IDEK what to think about this episode. It is all such a mess.

I've shipped Dair since S1, but I couldn't even enjoy the kissing and their prettiness, because Dan practically confirmed he sent the video. (There is still a very small part of me that hopes he didn't, that he is just covering for Eleanor or someone, but I know that's not very likely. )

I have no idea what kind of story the writers think they are telling with DB. Why go to such lengths to prove Dan makes her happy and is the "right" choice for Blair, showing that she trusts him and he respects her and her (sometimes ridiculous) choices, if they'll have him betray her like this, before they even start their romantic arc?

I don't even know which would be worse, if all this was just to prove that Blair really "turns men dark" (how fucked up is that message btw?), or if it's just one of their useless OMFG moment with zero fallout. Because it is a big deal. Even if the show will pretend it isn't. Trust and honesty is pretty much the foundation of their relationship, and this changes their whole dynamic.

While I don't blame Dan for Blair's marriage/problems with Louis, choosing to send that video, and humiliate her in front of everyone she knows and cares about, is pretty much the cruelest thing he could have done at that moment.
He could have tried to talk to Blair, he could've shown the video to Louis in private, he could have just respected Blair's choice in the first place.

But what's really bothering me, is that he's not showing any remorse, he blamed Chuck twice, complained about not being appreciated only a few hours later, and manipulated Blair and Serena, to save his ass. He didn't even hesitate, he showed no remorse at all. (Which I think is really OOC btw., because no matter what Dan has done in the past, he always came clean right after and he was always torn about it.)

He's not just lying to Blair, he also didn't care about leading Serena on, which is really insensitive, considering he knows she still has feelings for him.

And, completely unrelated, but Nate acted really gross as well. How can the logic reaction to Lola/real!Charlie not wanting to date him or work for him, be to set her up and trick her into it. Is there any relationship without a huge power-imbalance on this show?

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