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Gossip Girl Feminism

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A place to discuss sexism in the Gossip Girl TV show and fandom.
Hello and welcome to gg_feminism! Before you dive into the discussions, please read the following list of the rules and goals of this community:

  • The purpose of this community is to discuss Gossip Girl through a feminist lens. That's not to say that all posts and comments have to relate explicitly to feminism--if you would like to critically analyze another aspect of the show, that's perfectly fine. It does mean that your post or comment should not be explicitly antifeminist or support antifeminist ideals.

  • This is not a community about ships. We will discuss platonic and romantic relationships between various characters, but ship stanning is not productive and does not encourage discussion. It is perfectly valid to criticize a ship or character, and if you disagree with a comment, please voice your opinion in a way that is conducive to further discussion. This community should be a place where fans can respectfully share their opinions without being shut down by those who disagree.

  • No slut-shaming or body snark permitted in this community. This applies to both characters and actors, and it applies to ALL characters and actors. Don't call anyone a slut, whore, skank, bitch, tease, or any other objectifying and derogatory term. Implying that characters are any of these things without explicitly name-calling is also unacceptable. In that vein, don't use any language that is misogynistic, racist, transphobic/transmisogynistic, homophobic/heterosexist, or ableist. Many people are unfamiliar with ableism, so I have included a link to a very short article on ableism that covers which words (such as dumb, lame, crazy, and idiot) are considered ableist. Please do not use these words. Feminists With Disabilities has more articles on ableism if you're interested. Rule of thumb: if you think it might be offensive, it probably is. Don’t say it. Just don’t.

  • If your sentence begins with not that there's anything wrong with dressing like that/not that I think that's an excuse to call her that/not that I think that there's anything wrong with being sexually active, BUT --rethink it. You're probably about to say something misogynistic or otherwise offensive. DON'T.

  • No unnecessary comparisons between characters or actors. Taylor and Leighton both have musical careers, Leighton's character dates Jessica's boyfriend's character. We don't need to compare their musical talent or chemistry to validate one and trash the other. Let's not.

  • This is primarily a discussion community. The discussions can get heated at times, and that’s fine as long as everyone is respectful of each other. Please refrain from personal attacks.

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